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The Complete Teachings of Salumet are now available as a free single download either as a Word or PDF file. 


The teachings are still in the 94 separate topics as shown on the website.  Having the teachings as a download gives the viewer opportunities to access the content when there is no internet connection.


There are several ways of doing this:


  1. A word document of about 5MB, which being a smaller file, can be emailed directly to you.  Just message me directly through the ‘Contact’ button on the website and I will copy it across to you. You could then convert the word document into a PDF file at your end to enjoy the benefits of navigation within the document.  However, the word document is fully linked up anyway, so navigation is easy.




  1. As a PDF file which is over 17MB.  This is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet.  Unfortunately, the file does not work so well on a smartphone as the links between topic headings and content do not always respond.  Below are two links that you could try.


I am not a technical whiz-kid so may not be able to answer technical questions on this! These documents are virus free. Good luck.

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