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An ascended master speaks to give truth

The Teachings of Salumet

Salumet is an ascended master from the angelic realms. He brings truth and advice directly from Source to our world during these times of momentous change.  His teachings are deep, inspiring, reassuring and non-judgemental.  All who read will receive knowledge of spiritual love: the greatest force there is. You will also gain meaningful answers to those nagging questions about what life is truly about! Right from the outset, Salumet uses simple language to help avoid confusion. 

Daily Offerings from the Website


Every day a teaching will be visited, sometimes in response to what is happening somewhere on our beautiful planet.  Please visit us regularly to get the latest update.  Also, a reminder that there is another website called Salumet and Friends that can be found on which includes the complete transcripts and the latest teachings for the Group and also actual recordings of Salumet's voice.  Due to the pandemic, these meetings are temporarily on hold, but with infections currently coming down in the UK, we are hopeful that the Group will be up and running again this summer.

The distressing subject of suicide

28th April 2021


One of the biggest causes of death in England, and many other parts of the world, is suicide.  Figures for England and Wales suggests numbers close to 6000 per year with men three times more likely than women.  The Samaritans website gives a lot of information about age groups and reasons why people commit suicide.  With so must debate and media attention to this distressing subject, members of the group have raised it with Salumet.  Is there any justification for suicide?  Salumet gives clear explanation as to why it always the wrong course of action which can lead to more problems in future incarnations as well as depriving people of their love in this lifetime.  Most adults probably know of somebody who has committed suicide and the terrible legacy left behind.  Meanwhile, the departed soul will look back at the foolishness of their actions, once they see the wider picture, and with the knowledge that it cannot be undone.  What follows is one teaching on ‘assisted suicide’ from the Topic 80 called Suicide that covers many of the main points.  It is sobering reading for anybody considering shortening their physical life for whatever reason. 


Sarah asks about this distressing subject where one may wish to die due to being in so much pain. (16/1/12)


Sarah: There’s been a lot of discussion recently about euthanasia—people who want to take their own lives. They’re not going to do it through the power of thought, but they want to go to a clinic and end their lives, and I know you’ve said in the past that that isn’t the right way to go about it and you’ve also told us that maybe we weren’t ready to understand why, and I wonder if now you’re able to tell us a little bit more about why we shouldn’t do that. Is that possible?


Because you are curtailing your life before your life span is finished. Why should you curtail that lifespan because you think it is right, or you are right? You do not see the 4 wider picture, once again. So therefore, why do you feel it is right to curtail that life? It is not correct. (Affirmed) It is never right, and I will stress NEVER right.


Jan: In no circumstance whatsoever is it right—is that what you’re saying?


When the spirit is ready, they will go naturally.


Jan: So, no matter how much pain and discomfort they are in—that is where they have to be at that particular time (yes), and, even if they were to touch one more life while they were in that despair that is their—


Yes—very often, in the time of discomfort, does the spirit come to the fore.


Jan: It seems to soar, doesn’t it?


Yes, and although I understand that human beings find this distressing, and so often we hear we would not allow animals—and I understand that love that you have, but you do not have the right to shorten your own lives. You can use your mind to help you along (yes), but it should be a natural end.


Jan: So, with an elderly domestic animal—


Animals apply to the rules of the human beings on this Earth. Yes, they belong to spirit in the same way that you do. So, I would say no! (Okay.)


George: It’s very good to have your firm statement on this, Salumet, because there’s been much discussion in the media.


Yes, there is much controversy I know, but always I have to say that is where I stand—that is what I know.


Rod: Would you agree that if some people get into a deep black hole of depression and within a couple of days, they hang themselves—I can only think that something terrible happened in the brain to do this when they leave children and a wife—that something made that chap so ill—


Of course, my dear friend, but that still does not make it right. We know all of these things are part of Earthly living. We see it all so often and you would be amazed at how many tears are shed in spirit for these beings who suffer so in that way, but it still is not part of ‘universal law’ (no). You understand? (Yes). I have to say, and I know that some people become upset and offended when I say that suicide is the most selfish of acts.


Jan: It is—without judging them—it is! (Yes)


Rod: Somebody said that to me only the other day—that was a selfish act—I said to him: you can’t say that—but he was right!


No, it is a selfish act and also—often, I only wish you could see the despair they feel at what they have done.


Rod: When they go over?




Jan: You can’t turn back.


You cannot run away from a life given.


George: Can I indicate a rather special type of suicide undertaken by some Tibetan monks who deliberately torch themselves as a matter of protest against their country being taken over by another? It’s a political act. In that sense it’s not selfish yet how would you regard that Salumet?


In a way, I understand what you are saying, but it is selfish that they deprive those who have loved them of that love (yes). Remember: Love is everything and just to hurt deliberately one human being can never be accepted. No one on this planet is a sole entity. All of you are intertwined in one way or another, be it to a husband, a wife, to children, to parents—no one stands alone. So, I have to say yes, it would still be 5 considered as a selfish act; although, as I say, I understand that they feel it is unselfish. Their view will change when their whole picture is once again shown to them. I cannot deviate from this answer, (no) because it is the truth.


Lilian: Saying that the picture is shown to us after we pass, how quickly does that happen?


There is no set time for anything, but quite quickly, I would say in your time. It would, of course, depend on the passing, on the person, and what situation they have passed from (yes).



A spirit visitor came to the group on another week to tell her story


Story of Veronica


On page 7 from topic ‘Suicide’, you can find the story of Veronica.  A very touching story of a nun who under strong influence had entered a silent order and eventually committed suicide at a very tender age.  She expresses her deep regret and inability to forgive herself.  It is worth a read. 


No doubt Salumet’s words may feel controversial to some and an absolute shock to many, but they should be heeded, as he comes from the angelic realms to give deeper truth that sadly is not always accepted or understood at this time. 


With love and light, and a lighter topic next time!



It is not necessary to become an adulator of people

26th April 21


We live in a world where certain people are adulated as being something apart and above what we are or could ever hope to be.  Rock bands, sages, religious speakers, politicians, writers, royalty, presidents, sporting heroes, the list is endless.  We live in a world where the so-called celebrities, are given so much attention.  In the following transcript, Salumet explains why this is not necessary, as all souls are equal!  We are all equally important and we are all here to learn lessons.  Who could it be otherwise?


It matters not what religion, what nationality; anyone who walks upon this earthly plane, is spirit’.


George starts by asking a question about the Hindu religion. 


George: Perhaps I could ask one about the Hindu religion, which seems to me, to be certainly in a number of places, to have a very gentle character and I think Krishna, must have been a remarkable master, who came to Earth to teach. Is there anything you'd wish to tell us about Krishna?


You would like personal details, I think you mean? Can I say this to you: Those you term 'masters,' who walk upon your world, are not special souls, they are souls who come to your world, to do a task of work, no matter where or who they come for. Human beings always need to find themselves to be adulators of people; it is unnecessary my friend. And although I am aware of whom you speak, do not look upon these — I use your words again, 'masters,' as special souls — they are not. In our world, they are spirits, who have come to do a task of work. It may be that their knowledge is extensive — that they bring to this world that knowledge does not make them special. So, in saying these words, I do not want to set apart one being from another, whether it be any religious person, or whether it be the holy man in the street who has much knowledge — they should not be separated as special people. If you seek more knowledge upon this subject, I will see if more can be given to you on another occasion.


George: Thank you. It's been very tempting (Yes.) to hold an admiration of the work that these people have done.


Of course, you can admire, but what I say to you is do not hold them as special, they are not. They would not want you to do this; they come to your world to help, to bring knowledge and to live the lives that they have chosen. Always remember, no matter what human being, whatever their task be on this earthly plane, they have chosen to come here.


Les: Yes, I've reminded myself of that a lot. It's an education in itself, that particular lesson you gave us, and I think George, if we idolise or elevate the importance of others too much, we could be denying the very thing their coming to teach, (Of course.) that we're all in the same boat, learning the same thing, in different degrees.


George: Yes. Thank you for your teaching on that point.


Your respect for greater knowledge is understandable; I do not wish to seem to dispute any respect you hold for another human being. Of course, you must offer love and you must respect all of mankind, but do not revere them, do not put them upon a pedestal — that is not what they would desire. Do you understand my friend?


George: Yes, I follow that. Thank you, thank you very much.


But I will say if more knowledge can be brought to you, if it is of interest, but not because you think of these people as being special — that is not our task. All souls are equal.


Les: On that subject George, while Salumet is with us, that is what has annoyed me quite a lot, about the adulation that's given to Sai Baba.


It matters not what religion, what nationality; anyone who walks upon this earthly plane, is spirit. Always focus dear friends, upon this fact and then you will truly be enlightened, as to what that being is trying to achieve. They come not for glorification — if they do then they have undone the good that they try to achieve. (Yes.)


The most famous achievers, the greatest footballers, the most religious speakers, the worst criminals, the down and outs, the richest, the finest actors, WE are all equally important!  We are all here to ultimately learn the same lessons through our many lifetimes.  Nobody should be put on a throne as being in some way ‘higher’.  A wonderful teaching which we should remind ourselves about sometimes. 

With love and light, Graham

Daily offerings resumed

24th April 20


This week I had my emails and Facebook accounts compromised by scammers after money through my name.  A little investigation found that the scamming was coming from Lagos in Nigeria, but that may not have been the case as these attacks can be sophisticated about hiding the source.  This caused a lot of upset amongst my family and friends who all urgently wanted to contact me about being desperate for money and some even nearly fell for it.  My son and I worked in the night to try to take back control, or rather my son did, as I am a bit clueless about these matters!  Fortunately, all is nearly normal now except for being unable to receive emails.  I can only send them.


A little reflection about all this concluded that there are many in this world who are into criminal activities possibly through greed, but also through utter desperation or coercion by overseers.  Our planet is deeply polarized with regard wealth.  There are many parts of the world where putting food on tables is incredibly challenging, where conditions and circumstances make it so hard to be food secure.  We in the west take a lot for granted.  The uneven distribution of vaccines is an example.  Inequality has a lot to answer for and is the driving force behind crime which is tearing whole regions apart.  Drug and drug related crime in Central America is literally driving thousands of people from their homes on long dangerous migrations towards the Mexican border in a desperate hope of finding a better life.  This isn’t about greed, it’s about trying to live in dignity, where children can have a decent education, where there is security and stability, not chaos and violence.


It is hard for those who have to understand those who have not.  Even in the UK, there is much inequality which feeds fears and fear-based decision making, i.e. entering the world of crime and gangs.  Earth is a learning planet and part of our learning must be to distribute wealth fairly but also to look after our environment.  A certain young Swedish campaigner is talking about the fairy tale myth of unchecked indefinite industrial growth.  It was Barack Obama who once said that if the whole planet enjoyed the same standard of living as the average American, the world would go up in a puff of smoke.  Never ending expansion and growth will eventually hit the buffers and the house will come tumbling down.  The current pandemic is an example of where abuse and negativity can lead to mankind being humbled.  Our skies are now much quieter and petrol consumption is down on two years ago.  Who would have believed back in 2019 that next year, flights around the world would be reduced by up to 90%.  We might think we are in control and invincible, but we are not.  The house will be brought tumbling down in even bigger ways if we carry on as we are.  It was Gandhi who once said, one of the greatest forms of violence is poverty, but with 90% of the wealth in the hands of a tiny few, there will continue to be unhappiness, until better balance is found. 


We need to change the whole outlook of mankind away from crazy notions of perpetual industrial growth at the cost of environment and the lives of millions, even billions who are directly suffering the consequences of greed.  We need to think of living in balance with each other, between countries and with this fragile planet that is our only home.  How this is achieved will probably mean a return to living in smaller communities where we are once again closer to nature.  We must learn the settle for less and be happy with less.  Material greed does not lead to happiness.  In fact, it creates the exact opposite effect.  Material greed is generated by fear of lack.  I once spoke to a travelling journalist who had visited many parts of the world including a remote almost unspoilt island off the Horn of Africa called Socotra about 60 years ago.  There he met the materially poorest and yet happiest people.  They lived simple lives, but everybody was respected and valued.  There was a genuine sense of community. There was balance between nature and the people who lived there.  Whether Socotra which is part of Yemen is like that now I don’t know, but there is something to be learnt here. 


Living closer to nature in smaller communities reunites us with nature.  Looking out of many windows in the UK, you would not even reveal what season it is.  No trees, no wildlife, nothing to show that it is spring.  With this disconnect, it is easy to lose sight of the source of our food and the rhythms of nature.  Nature can provide us will much fulfilment and happiness in ways that does not harm our planet. 


We will change because if we cannot, then it will be brought on us anyway.  Salumet has assured us there will be no Armageddon but has reminded us that for too long mankind has been on the wrong pathway.  This is not just something that governments can change on their own.  This is something that has to be tackled on all fronts by all people.  We can all do our bit and learn to refuse, reuse, upcycle and recycle. Small changes can one day become cultural norms.  We don’t need expensive holidays all over the planet, we don’t need SUVs to take the kids down the road to school when they could walk, we don’t need endless ‘things’ to make us happy. 


What we do need is to create a greater sense of community, where everybody is valued, everybody is looked out for, everybody is given a sense of belonging, where volunteering is the most important part of the economy.  Education is essential to help give purpose and understanding and gratitude for what we have.  When gratitude is in short supply, people develop an unhealthy sense of expectation.  Part of education should be to learn how to give thanks for what we have.  We live in a beautiful world and we still have time to turn inequality, greed, expectancy and many other fear-based situations into something rather more beautiful.  With loving hearts, the only limit is our imagination.  The change really begins with ‘us’!


I hope this does not come across as a rant, but rather food for thought.  We all pretty know the answers anyway, but there is growing urgency for us to change.  What can we change tomorrow?


With love and light until tomorrow!  Graham

Yet more on Thought

21st April 2021


Our minds can be used to help when a conflict spiral has been entered.  This comes from a question once presented by Paul about sticking up for ourselves.  Paul asks if we should try to stick up for ourselves?  Salumet immediately responds by saying that we should never stick up for ourselves, as this is what causes so much difficulty in the world.  Far better is to project love towards the person(s) involved and watch the power of thought dissolve the tension.  I have found that when confronted by somebody, it is better to quietly listen.  You may not agree with a word they say, but the other will feel that at least they have been listened to.  When people feel that they have a voice, then their frustrations are less likely to boil over.  An extension of quiet patience is another way of projecting love rather than allowing the ‘heat’ to build up.  Even if the ultimate happens and we get harmed or killed, at least we know that we are all infinitely safe in the grander scheme of things, and our spirituality has remained intact.  That aside, the vast, vast majority of people are more reasonable when they feel that they have been listened to. 


The same can be said of revenge.  This is not something that we should ever consider.  Far better to project those loving thoughts with the knowledge that in showing restraint, even when we could exact some kind of ‘lesson’, it is better to demonstrate a lesson of dignity and humility. 


Intellectual thinking versus spiritual or intuitive thinking


Back to intellectual thinking from the other day.  What is the difference between intellectual thinking with the loud, urgent, physical brain, and the quieter gentler spiritual mind?  Salumet introduces this very topic.  I have included a section of transcript that addresses this question.


This time my dear friends, I would like to speak with you about ‘Thinking’ — 'Thinking.' Many peoples of your world are confused and puzzled, when it comes to the differentiation between what I would term intellectual thinking and intuitive thinking. They cannot distinguish between the two. And that is understandable, after all, all thinking has a purpose in your world, whether it be intellectual thinking, or intuitive thinking. In groups such as these, of course we would expect that intuitive thinking would be recognised more easily and used for the purpose for which it is intended. I hear your questions now, 'How can we know the difference?' There are some within this room, who ponder this question on many occasions, are there not?


Les: Yes, there are; I'm one of them.


Yes, can I try to simplify this matter a little for you? (Thank you.) When your thinking comes from the intellectual brain, belonging to your physical mind, there is an urgency to have that thinking, to have that thought brought to fruition. With intuitive thinking, it comes more slowly, sometimes over some time and will always appear and return to you many times. The fleeting thinking of intellectual thought, you can make disappear instantaneously and not return to the thought. You cannot when it comes to the intuition, because it comes from within and also without, from those of us who wish to help you. Do you understand?


Les: Yes, so would I be correct in referring to that as spiritual thinking?


Of course, because your intuition is spiritual thought.


Les: Yes, I thought that would be the answer, because to me they are the same. And my next question if I might: This intuitive thinking wouldn't necessarily only be on esoteric subjects, but could have an effect upon ordinary day-to-day things in our lives?


Of course, it would be of help, or information to be given to you, to be purposeful in your lives.


Les: And that would be because you could see the result of action taken on that thought, if we did take action. (Of course.) Now we're getting somewhere; this has been puzzling me for a long time.


That is why we must dedicate some time to this matter.


Les: I'm very grateful, because it has puzzled me for a long time now, at the recurrence of thoughts, which were simply on day-to-day matters and they haven't been put to rest, until those thoughts have been activated and dealt with.


That is the difference between fleeting thoughts and intuitive thoughts. We can inspire, we can continue to help you with these thoughts, the thinking that will help you to progress in your daily living.


Les: Yes, well this is really most satisfying, because not knowing precisely what it was, now you have explained it, I can understand why sometimes I've felt compelled mentally, to say thank you for that thought, (Yes.) and have gone on to act on it.


There should be no urgency in intuitive thought, as there is in your other thinking, although I must say the intellectual thinking can feel to be compelling, it is not. You must take control of this thinking, you understand?


Les: Yes, I certainly do and that's really opened up another new avenue for me, because it has as I say, been going on in my mind and brain for a long time, I've been aware of these apparently intermittent thoughts recurring, (Yes.) until I have taken action.


It is part of your growth, it is part of the understanding of the self. When you know the self then you know and understand Thought.


Les: Yes, and what has interested me too, is that on several occasions when thoughts have been, or the actions from those thoughts would be to the advantage of other people, it has been almost a compulsion to deal with it at once. (Yes.) It happened once or twice in the background as it were and then quite suddenly, I feel that I've got to do it.


Do you not see my dear friends that thought, intuitive thought, is a giving out of energy to another, on most occasions?


Les: Yes of course it would be.


And you must think of energy as a gift, as a giving to another.


Les: Which in turn, must be passed onto another?


That would be the scheme of life and not always happens, but that is how it should be given. Give of yourselves, give of your thoughts, use those intuitive thoughts constructively. After all, you still have command of these thoughts, whilst you are in these bodies. You have the power to ignore or to use — always that power lies with you.


Les: Yes, that's our free will, isn't it?


But in recognising these things, does it not help you, to know and to understand that these thoughts should not be ignored?


Les: Absolutely it does help.


A deep teaching that requires consideration over a period of time.  With practise, we should get better at telling the difference between our physical and intuitive thinking. 


Thanks for visiting and there will be more tomorrow. 


Love and light!  Graham

More about Thought

20th April 2021


Once a thought is sent, it cannot be retrieved by the sender.  So, we need to be careful about what we are thinking towards others.  Worse for the sender, is that a negative thought towards a person will be reflected back towards the sender.  Therefore, a person who habitually sends negative thoughts towards others, will be harming themselves.  Even worse is that if the negative thought actually harms the victim, which can happen, then 'Karmic' issues will start to play out on the sender.  We really do have to try and watch those thoughts. 


We are not perfect people, which is why we are here, and we all slip up from time to time, but we must try to remember when we judge and condemn another with negative thoughts, we are only harming ourselves. It is simple cause and effect.


The good news is that the victim of the negative thought can transmute negativity thoughts by sending loving thoughts towards the sender.  This can be a highly effective defence against negativity. 


I think if I was ever in politics for instance, I would try to remember to send love to my friends, but also towards those who do not wish me well for my own protection and to help the senders modify their thinking.  This is a confusing subject but one we all need to look at within ourselves. 


If a thought has been sent, it cannot be interfered with except by the victim if they use loving thoughts as a shield of protection.  Thoughts always arrive at their target.  Mostly victims are not aware of the negativity being projected towards them which is a kind of protection for them.


Somebody once asked, how quickly does the power of thought travel?  We the answer is far faster than the speed of light.  In fact, it is instantaneous!!  Distance has no bearing on the time of arrival.  The thought will arrive the moment it is sent. 


Another question is does the power, or strength, of the thought affect its potency for good or ill?  The answer is really quite obvious.  Yes!  Fleeting little thoughts will be dissolved in the aether, but powerful thoughts fired through strong emotions are much more effective again for good or ill. 


There is much intellectual thinking in the world at this time.  This can be good, but it can also block spiritual growth.  Salumet explains whilst talking to Brent. 


Brent: Yes I do understand that very well.'


Yes, you can—there is nothing wrong with a high intellect. It is good to see, it is good to see people question. We don't want anyone to accept anything that insults them. But, be careful that you don't stunt your own spiritual growth, because of your intellectual mind. There will always be some questions that even we cannot answer for you, simply because of the difficulty of expression. Please keep this in mind. Allow yourself to become a vessel for good. Keep your inquiring mind but temper it also with those inner feelings.


The final point Salumet states here is about that ‘inner feeling’.  When intellect governs your thinking through detailed logic and clever rhetoric, there is a danger that we are stunting our spiritual growth if we ignore the 'inner feeling' that says otherwise.  We often ‘know’ when something feels right or wrong.  This is our inner voice speaking which should always be our guiding light, especially when confronted by clever, clever thinking.


Thought is a wonderful and fascinating subject.  More gems from Salumet on thought tomorrow again on matters such as intellectual thinking versus spiritual thinking! Salumet addresses this topic in more detail.


With love and light, Graham

The incredible power of Thought

19th April 2021


I do not often quote myself, but this introduction from ‘Topic 84 Thought - very powerful’, states the far-reaching importance of thought. 


‘This simple message runs through all Salumet’s teachings. Our thinking reaches into every corner of our lives, our very being, our physical health, our happiness, our spiritual growth and all those around us, not just those here on Earth, but the Universe and all that there is. To describe the subject of ‘thought’ is an enormous responsibility and one that Salumet is more than qualified to carry. For this reason, the teachings about thought are presented here by Salumet himself. As a science teacher, I once considered thoughts to be just milliamps of electrical current and so insignificant. How wrong I was! The first mention of thought was touched on briefly in the second Salumet evening, after a question presented by Brent.’ (4/7/94)


Brent: Just following on from what you have just said, does it mean that our positive or negative thoughts have an influence on the future. Because you've said to us that our thoughts have more power than we realise.


Thought, THOUGHT is the most powerful thing that you have. There is always positive and negative. You must have the difference. Of course, the power of your thought has a great deal to do with the 'influence' which goes forward. Yes, the answer is yes.


This is the first time that Salumet confirms that we really do create our own realities in the future with our thinking now.  This is why it is so important to keep thoughts positive because if our thinking creates our future, then it is far better to create a positive future!!  Many who have passed back to spirit have returned to the group to tell their story.  On many occasions, spirits have returned to describe how negative they had been in their thinking whilst on earth plane but really had no idea until they witnessed their life review.  We all have a life review where we see our entire lifetime accelerated into a short time which helps us to understand what we learnt and what we still have to learn.  During the review, our mistakes are far more obvious and our progress too.  Back to the visitors.  Their plea is often similar, be mindful of your thoughts, especially towards others. 


Negative thoughts towards inanimate objects such as a broken-down car is fine, but not towards another person because what we give out, is quite simply, reflected straight back to us!  We harm ourselves ultimately!  Over the next few days, I will quote some of Salumet’s teachings on this important subject.  Mastery of thinking is a total game changer and one that so few people really understand. 


Also watching our thoughts now is good practise for when we return home, as you cannot hide your thoughts once you get there! 


Tomorrow I will quote some teachings on whether thoughts from two people interfere with each other and can thoughts once sent, be cancelled?  Two interesting questions.  Love and light, Graham.

Why are whales beaching themselves?

18th April 21


There has been a lot of controversy over this issue for many years now about what appears to be mass whale suicides.  Salumet was asked about this by Paul back in 1994.  The answer was surprising in that like humans, animals too can go along the lines of wrong thinking and encourage each other to do so by their own methods of communication.  What follows is a section on transcript where Paul asks his question. 


Paul: Why is it that sometimes, large groups of whales seem to get washed up? They beach themselves. Quite often it happens in Australia, and they can't swim back out to sea. Sometimes it's 30 or 40 whales.


Let us speak on this. In the animal kingdom, as in the human species, there are those, shall we say, who do not always follow what they should. As you have in the human species, those men and women who do not follow how you would term the 'norm,' so too do you have these whales, who decide, if you like—they have their own means of communication—who decide they will be different from the norm. Again, I am using simple words. Animals have their instincts as do you humans. They do not always use them for their very best use. So, you see, it is rather like the human form who uses their own free will, to decide on what they must or must not do. Do you follow?


Paul: So, they're consciously—

It is a conscious thing, within their way of communication with each other. You would presume that they would have the intelligence to go outwards to the sea, rather than to be washed ashore. The ability is there, the communication exists, but as in you human beings, to a certain degree they have free will. I use that word lightly, but can you see the comparison? As you have human beings who inwardly know what is right and what is wrong, so too do these animals. It is their own 'wrong' judgement if you like.


Les: So, the group or the school, could have as it were, a 'dictator' leading them astray?


Yes, to put it simply, that could be.


Les: I had wondered whether in those cases, the animals were following dimly-remembered routes, when the whole of the seas were free to them, before the continents had emerged and they were still following the memory of those routes through the sea.


You would be speaking then of past memories? (Yes) I do not see that, no. Because remember of course as each generation develops, their knowledge, their update of knowledge is therefore passed down, in the same way as a mother would teach a child now, not to play with sticks and matches, because you have learned over the time, that that is a dangerous practice. At one time, it would have been 'normal,' yes to light your fires, but today that is unnecessary. So that knowledge has been passed down to youngsters, in the same way it happens with your animals.


Ask a prayer during your meditations to help the whales make better choices.  Remember there is much power in our thinking and we can make a difference. 


Just a short one today.  Tomorrow I will touch on one of Salumet’s favourite topics:  The Power of Thought!! 


Love and light to you all. 

Our natural world

17th April 2021




Salumet has spoken many times about the lifeforms that we share our planet with.  I am sure it would not surprise you that we are not as respectful as we should be!  In destroying aspects of nature through killing animals, destroying forests and harming the oceans, we are effectively destroying what is part of our very existence.  Salumet has been asked on several occasions about sacrificing animals for food for instance.  He gave examples of where the North American Indians apologised and gave thanks to the animal before killing it.  In so doing, it is recognised they were showing respect to the animal and so were not harming their own spirituality, but it was still not right!  We do not need to kill animals except perhaps in the most extreme of circumstances.  Gratuitous killing of animals for sport whether that be deer, fish, birds or any lifeform, it can never be right!  We do have choices, especially today, with vegetarian and vegan cookbooks.  Their recipes are totally delicious, and an animal has not had to suffer the fear, then pain of being killed. If in doubt, please invest in a vegetarian cookbook and you may start to wonder why you have never done so before!! One of my personal favourites is vegan nut roasts.  Great as a Sunday roast.  They are SO much better than eating animal!! PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE A TRY!!


The animals we love


On a lighter note, there is a great deal of love between animals and humans.  Many farmers look after their livestock with GENUINE love and care about their welfare.  Having read some of the wonderful comedy drama vet books by James Herriot, that message comes across in very moving ways.  The lengths the old 1930s Yorkshire farmers went to, to tend for their livestock was awe inspiring.  Of course, the animals were eventually slaughtered, which is not right, but a love bond would have been created.  An animal can love you for just feeding it.  Animals do not have a personal/individual soul in the way humans do.  They belong a pool soul and return to that pool when they die.  Animals which are wild and live outside control by humans have their own auric colours which are slightly dimmer than that of humans.  However, a loved pet, for instance, responds to the brighter human aura by assimilating some of the human aura, such as the love colour.  The animal’s aura becomes brighter as a result!  This has a wonderful knock-on effect in that an unbreakable love bond has been created meaning that the animal will meet the human after they have both died.  This can be of great comfort to the passing of lonely person who had never enjoyed being loved by another.  Sadly, this happens.  So instead of being met by a human who had passed before, they are met by their beloved pet that had died before. This has been witnessed in many difficult spiritual rescues (see Topic 67 rescues and soul retrieval). 


Animals are helping humans develop greater humility


One of the purposes of animals on our planet is to help teach us humility.  Animals do have the effect of making us kinder and in thinking about our lifestyles, the food we eat, the green spaces we enjoy, the call for action we demand, all is moving us forward towards greater spirituality.  We humans are not always great at patience, and so we must try not to get angry with those who do not yet understand.  Change will inevitably be slow, so we must show great patience towards others, as we all move forward.  All is interlinked as we are discovering through climate change and the cause of the current Covid 19 pandemic. We know this because Salumet has said that dangerous viruses are created by abuse and negativity.  Everything has cause and effect.  So, we can learn lessons even from the humble virus! 


A great mystery that has upset many is the beaching of whales around the world.  I will share some teachings on that tomorrow!  Love and light to you all. 

Salumet, who are who?

16th April 2021


Brent asks Salumet this question which had been intriguing him for some time, and I suspect the others too!


Before receiving his answer, I have included one of the most unusual rocks in England called Puddingstone.  It is found in a valley to the west of London and is recognised by geologists as a conglomerate.  A conglomerate is a sedimentary rock that consists of rounded pebbles that held together by a finer matrix cement.  Despite looking like concrete, it is entirely natural.  Having seen this specimen, it might help in understanding Salumet’s answer to Brent’s question. 




Brent: I would really like to ask who you are? And I realise that's not an easy thing to answer, but I often hear communicators say, 'We.' I often think to myself, well who are you, in relation to us, and who are you in yourself?


My friend that is just the type of question I would expect from you. (Smiles)


Les: It's been bothering him for a long time. (Laughter)


I will try to explain to you. I—'I' come to you as a single entity, because it is easier that way, to communicate. We are using one body, but 'I' as you put it, I and not 'I' as you would know it. I am a combination of many beings. Are you following me?


Brent: I'm trying yes.


I come to you, because that is the way of communication that you on Earth understand. I am a 'conglomerate' of beings.


Les: Might I extent that question, by asking, and I think that is in the enquirer's mind too— by asking, did you at one time live on this Earth, as a physical being? (Pause)


You have to understand, my friend, things are not all they seem. Part of me, yes, has lived on your Earth at one time. We are getting into deep subjects again, but I will endeavour to answer. We spoke earlier of a diamond. I am one facet of a diamond, who has chosen to break from the rest to come to you, at this time, to teach and to instruct you. Therefore, I am not the 'I' alone; I belong to the ‘We’. That is the simplest way I can find to explain to you. I am more than 'I.'


Les: I do understand what you are trying to tell us, and I do appreciate the explanation. If I might follow that one step further please, if there is the power—is there?


We are running down, but please continue.


Les: We'll make this the last one then. You've heard us no doubt, talk here, and your colleagues have heard us talk about 'highly evolved beings.' Are we right in assuming that you, in our minds, in our vocabulary, could be classified as such? Knowing that 'I' is not 'I'— we accept that, but you as the entity that visits us, we look upon as a very highly evolved spirit.


I understand the question and yes, I suppose you would consider me to be that. But of course, I cannot say that is true, (Smiles) because—yes, your knowledge is a little more extended than the others, I know. But yes, for all intent and purposes, yes, you would consider me to be that.


Les: Thank you very much indeed. And we're grateful and I know you won't want to hear the word, but I'm going to say it, we are honoured that you should have visited us like this. We look forward to many more visits.


I look for no honour, no thanks, no gratitude.


Les: Well, let me say it is our love then for you.


I hope that you will all benefit from what I will try to bring you all.


Les: I'm sure we shall.


We have much to bring you


The Borg: A ‘conglomerate’ analogy from sci -fi!


Whilst reading this explanation I was amused by an analogy from Star Trek of a group of adventurers called the Borg who introduced themselves as ‘We are the Borg!’.  Their mission was to take over the Universe and assimilate everything they came across into one of their own, but they too were a kind of conglomerate being.  They thought of themselves as a ‘We’ as their intelligence was totally integrated.  A wonderful piece of imagination until I realised that highly evolved souls amalgamate into groups or conglomerates of souls too.  However, the Borg were the most atrocious and scariest invaders who made the Vikings look friendly.  The script writers did well with that one.  But then I am a sci-fi fan! Ha.


George wanted to know if Salumet preferred particular types of question


George: You’ve answered many of our questions lovingly and patiently—many different types of question. Do you enjoy answering some more than others? Do you have a preference for a certain type of question?


Forgive me if I smile. Of course not, I have come to try to inform you of many aspects of many questions and answers that you seek. I do not have any preferences as you put it. I am only happy to do what I can. I am grateful that you have allowed me into this place, wherein you all sit patiently, devotedly, searching and seeking.


George: Thank you. It is we who are most grateful.


Well, it appears that we too, when we have reached sufficient spirituality, will start to merge into a ‘conglomerate’.  What an incredible thought, but I for one do not feel ready for that yet.  It might feel like being in a house of multiple occupancy with no walls and no privacy.  Of course, our understanding is nowhere near enough to truly understand what Salumet was describing to us.  So much to look forward into the far future. In later offerings I will share a lot more that Salumet has said about himself.  


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow…. Love and light as always, Graham

Is there a God?

15th April 2021


And if there is, what is ‘He’?  This is a question that we have all occasionally pondered through our lifetimes. 


I was brought up in a time when people were less God fearing than they were in my grandparents day, but sayings such as cleanliness is one step closer to godliness, thou shall fear no man but God, fear only two: God and the man who has no fear of God.  In fact, there are many beliefs that still hold sway over far too many to some extent.  Actually, the cleanliness one might have a point!  “I am a God-fearing man.  In fact, I don’t go to church because I’m afraid I’ll run into him there.”  Humour aside, we in the West still live in a time when deep rooted beliefs still go back to the Hell-Fire and Brimstone days when terror of judgement and eternal damnation was waiting for sinners.  Of course, these sermons were trying to control the masses, but the content was and always has been, utter nonsense.  How could a loving God condemn those who are lost to eternal damnation?  No soul is condemned forever. 


In fairness, there is much that is good in our great religions and they give much comfort to those in need.  They offer heart-felt advice to those seeking council and they offer a safe place to which many people feel they can turn when desperate. Churches, and other religious institutions are often very much at the centre of the community and can extend a moderating influence in times of crises around the world.  Many religious buildings offer shelter and places for family activities such as nurseries for young children as just one example. Over the last hundred years or so, sermons have generally become much more moderate and centre around topics such as love, forgiveness and respect towards others.  Rather than fearing God, it is not better to love God as ‘he’ loves us?  Extremism under the umbrella of selected religious texts is very misguided and those who are involved will one day see for themselves the harm that they have done. 


With this confusing background in mind, Lesley asks Salumet about the concept of God and the idea of ‘creative intelligence’ which is a far more accurate description of ‘God’. I have selected a section of a teaching Ref: The Great Creative Force, Page 1, The Intelligent Force (9/10/95).


The ‘Intelligent Force’


Les asks the question that so many think about at times through their lives. Is there a God and if so, what form does he take?


Les: We know that any deity however named, is not a person as such. Now you have told us so much about different energies and about the intelligences within the universe that I wondered if there is such a thing as an intelligent energy, devoid of any form of life as we know it. Is there such a phenomenon and is that what we would call God?


My dear friend, perhaps I should have expressed this knowledge fuller from the beginning. Of course, I have spoken many times of energies—many, many times. I have spoken of the many religions within your world, I have spoken on the differing names that each person calls the one they so worship. All of these names matter not, because you see, the very life force which you call God, is an intelligent force. How could it not be, how could there not be a perfect energy, to have created all that we have?


Les: This is what prompted the question I thought there must be an intelligent energy.


We go on to deep matters my son, but let me say this to you: No one, no one has ever attained such perfection, as to come before this ‘Intelligent Force,’ as you have called it. Let us use the term to supply these answers to you question. Within spiritual worlds, there has to be perfect laws, there has to be an intelligence behind them, for it to work, can you not see that?


Les: Of course, yes.


I am pleased you can, because so many cannot. You all are very sparks of this Intelligent Force, all of us, whether of this world or not, all of the cosmos comes from the Intelligent Force, as you call it. It cannot be otherwise, it cannot be otherwise. But rather like each drop in the ocean, each drop can never fully understand what part it has to play, within that greater thing, can you understand?


Les: Yes, I have used that analogy myself.


All of you are so important—it is that very spark within you, that reaches out for that higher intelligence, which you call Spirit, which is in fact only another word, for the truth of a search for that returning ‘home,’ of which I have spoken.


Les: Quite and to follow through what you’ve said, it requires all the drops to make the ocean, otherwise the ocean couldn’t exist.


There has to be perfection, there has to be that reaching out for attainment from you all, to create the perfection of you all, can you see?


Les: Yes, I do.


I am trying to keep it simple, because we are speaking on matters beyond your comprehension.


Les: Yes, I do understand that and I thank you for choosing the words.


But ‘Intelligent Force,’ are good words to use. Too many upon your Earth plane see God, as you call him and many other names used throughout this world, as a figurehead personified, but this is basically incorrect. But I say whatever brings comfort to each and every one of you, then so be it. The Truth can only come to the fore, and this is what is happening within your very world now.


Les: Good. But even as a young boy, I used to feel that if God were a person, as I was taught, then by definition, if he was a person, it was impossible for him to be perfect, because perfection is beyond personalities.


What is personality? It is something endowed upon you, within the human flesh. It exists only within the human species, it is not something that goes forward, except for a very short time.


Les: This is what always used to puzzle me, the apparent contradictions.


There are so many contradictions—I have spoken upon this, even from those in our world, who come, who give you advice. So often we hear, ‘Why does one contradict another?’ Already I have told you it depends on their spiritual attainments. They do not lie, they cannot lie to you, but they cannot give you truth and knowledge of which they do not have some sense, you understand?


Les: Quite, it’s quite impossible for them to do so.


Can you expect a child to give you information on details of an adult’s life? It would be impossible. So, you have the comparison between those you call guides, those you call spiritual teachers—there are so many differences between them. So do not be 3 discouraged, accept what each has to tell you and do as I have told you before, accept only which you feel you should.


Les: We look forward to it, we are already learning a tremendous amount. I would like to add one further question if I may, to what you’ve told us: On the acceptance of that Intelligent Force, am I right in thinking that it is an intelligence, which is far beyond our comprehension, that ours is merely a limited term, for something that is unlimited?


I cannot my son, give you a word. You would not understand even if I could begin to explain, which I cannot.


Les: No, that’s a good enough answer, thank you. I knew it was a very difficult question, but I felt that I had to ask it and for all my colleagues here also.


My knowledge does not extend to explanation of that all-powerful force.


Les: But it is perfectly permissible for us to think of it as an intelligent energy?


Yes, it has to be. It would not make sense would it, if there was not intelligence behind all of Creation.


Les: Quite, so if we think of it as an intelligent energy, rather than a figure of man, it’s another step in the right direction?


Can I add one thing? Les: Please. Please do not try to think of the intelligent energy as something separate from yourselves. You are part of it, you are the very being of that intelligent force. So I say seek not something separate, but to become part of it.


Les: Well you have confirmed what was said to us at another meeting, last Wednesday, when I was asked if I had a question and I posed a difficult one I know. I asked if I could be given the recipe for eternal happiness, which I knew was an impossible question, but I was told that we should first look within ourselves and this is precisely what you have been saying, in another way.


Yes, let me add to that a little further: You will never find eternal happiness, whilst you are in these human frames. You will not find eternal happiness, even when these overcoats are left behind. There is much we have to learn. Our paths are long, sometimes tedious some would say, sometimes with unhappiness—remember there are many pathways, even once you have left the human form behind. We are speaking of aeons of time here. So if you want eternal happiness, seek that intelligent force, as part of your own being. Let it come from within, you understand?


Les: I do yes, thank you for confirming it.


You can never be completely happy, whilst on this Earth plane. How can you be? You are here to learn. You have to have the negative and the positive energies to go forward. Call that happiness and unhappiness, if you will, I see it in a different form, but you need both to go forward to grow, to grow spiritually. So if you seek happiness, accept all that comes to you within your daily lives, thank God, or the Great Intelligent Force, as we call it this time—thank him for all that you have to endure. I know sometimes this too is difficult for you. Why must there be sadness, unhappiness, grief, why is there so much wrongdoing? But again we have spoken on these matters and I say to you, accept all that comes to you and you will be on the way to happiness.


Les: Quite. I suppose one’s conception of ultimate and eternal happiness can only be when we merge completely and finally, on an incomprehensible time-scale, with that Great Intelligence?


My dear friends, the time will come, but again we are speaking aeons of time, when the self, the ego, the individuality ceases to exist. Then you become part of that perfect whole.


Les: Quite, and that’s an awful long time away—


I have to say, yes.


Les: Well at least we can take some of the right steps on the way, particularly with the help that you are giving us.


Within this lifetime, one reason why I have come to you, is to reassure you, that this time, your footsteps will walk straight and true.


Les: Good, that’s very encouraging and comforting, thank you.


If I bring love, happiness, truth to just one of you within these walls, then truly I have succeeded in my task.


An inspiring teaching giving much information!  The section on seeking to become part of the creative intelligence rather than separate from is was particularly interesting.  The is much more in Topic 28 The Great Creator under that heading in the Salumet topic list. 


Hope to see you again tomorrow.  Love and light.  Graham

Music by Sara Jo Martin

The brilliant pianist and composer Sara Jo Martin wishes to share some of her compositions via YouTube using the links below.  Her music is especially delightful to listen to whilst relaxed in those quiet meditative moments because she believes it is all channelled directly from source.  Please listen to and enjoy! Out of interest, you can also listen to two whole albums by Sara on Spotify.  She is also planning to release many more compositions later this year, again through Spotify.



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