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Salumet is an ascended master from the angelic realms. He brings truth and advice directly from Source to our world during these times of momentous change.  His teachings are deep, inspiring, reassuring and non-judgemental.  All who read will receive knowledge of spiritual love: the greatest force there is. You will also gain meaningful answers to those nagging questions about what life is truly about! Right from the outset, Salumet uses simple language to help avoid confusion. 

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Every day a teaching will be visited, sometimes in response to what is happening somewhere on our beautiful planet.  Please visit us regularly to get the latest update.  Also, a reminder that there is another website called Salumet and Friends which can be found on that includes the complete transcripts and the latest teachings for the Group.  Due to the pandemic, these meetings are temporarily on hold, but with infections currently coming down in the UK, we are hopeful that the Group will be up and running again this summer.

Is there a God?

15th April 2021


And if there is, what is ‘He’?  This is a question that we have all occasionally pondered through our lifetimes. 


I was brought up in a time when people were less God fearing than they were in my grandparents day, but sayings such as cleanliness is one step closer to godliness, thou shall fear no man but God, fear only two: God and the man who has no fear of God.  In fact, there are many beliefs that still hold sway over far too many to some extent.  Actually, the cleanliness one might have a point!  “I am a God-fearing man.  In fact, I don’t go to church because I’m afraid I’ll run into him there.”  Humour aside, we in the West still live in a time when deep rooted beliefs still go back to the Hell-Fire and Brimstone days when terror of judgement and eternal damnation was waiting for sinners.  Of course, these sermons were trying to control the masses, but the content was and always has been, utter nonsense.  How could a loving God condemn those who are lost to eternal damnation?  No soul is condemned forever. 


In fairness, there is much that is good in our great religions and they give much comfort to those in need.  They offer heart-felt advice to those seeking council and they offer a safe place to which many people feel they can turn when desperate. Churches, and other religious institutions are often very much at the centre of the community and can extend a moderating influence in times of crises around the world.  Many religious buildings offer shelter and places for family activities such as nurseries for young children as just one example. Over the last hundred years or so, sermons have generally become much more moderate and centre around topics such as love, forgiveness and respect towards others.  Rather than fearing God, it is not better to love God as ‘he’ loves us?  Extremism under the umbrella of selected religious texts is very misguided and those who are involved will one day see for themselves the harm that they have done. 


With this confusing background in mind, Lesley asks Salumet about the concept of God and the idea of ‘creative intelligence’ which is a far more accurate description of ‘God’. I have selected a section of a teaching Ref: The Great Creative Force, Page 1, The Intelligent Force (9/10/95).


The ‘Intelligent Force’


Les asks the question that so many think about at times through their lives. Is there a God and if so, what form does he take?


Les: We know that any deity however named, is not a person as such. Now you have told us so much about different energies and about the intelligences within the universe that I wondered if there is such a thing as an intelligent energy, devoid of any form of life as we know it. Is there such a phenomenon and is that what we would call God?


My dear friend, perhaps I should have expressed this knowledge fuller from the beginning. Of course, I have spoken many times of energies—many, many times. I have spoken of the many religions within your world, I have spoken on the differing names that each person calls the one they so worship. All of these names matter not, because you see, the very life force which you call God, is an intelligent force. How could it not be, how could there not be a perfect energy, to have created all that we have?


Les: This is what prompted the question I thought there must be an intelligent energy.


We go on to deep matters my son, but let me say this to you: No one, no one has ever attained such perfection, as to come before this ‘Intelligent Force,’ as you have called it. Let us use the term to supply these answers to you question. Within spiritual worlds, there has to be perfect laws, there has to be an intelligence behind them, for it to work, can you not see that?


Les: Of course, yes.


I am pleased you can, because so many cannot. You all are very sparks of this Intelligent Force, all of us, whether of this world or not, all of the cosmos comes from the Intelligent Force, as you call it. It cannot be otherwise, it cannot be otherwise. But rather like each drop in the ocean, each drop can never fully understand what part it has to play, within that greater thing, can you understand?


Les: Yes, I have used that analogy myself.


All of you are so important—it is that very spark within you, that reaches out for that higher intelligence, which you call Spirit, which is in fact only another word, for the truth of a search for that returning ‘home,’ of which I have spoken.


Les: Quite and to follow through what you’ve said, it requires all the drops to make the ocean, otherwise the ocean couldn’t exist.


There has to be perfection, there has to be that reaching out for attainment from you all, to create the perfection of you all, can you see?


Les: Yes, I do.


I am trying to keep it simple, because we are speaking on matters beyond your comprehension.


Les: Yes, I do understand that and I thank you for choosing the words.


But ‘Intelligent Force,’ are good words to use. Too many upon your Earth plane see God, as you call him and many other names used throughout this world, as a figurehead personified, but this is basically incorrect. But I say whatever brings comfort to each and every one of you, then so be it. The Truth can only come to the fore, and this is what is happening within your very world now.


Les: Good. But even as a young boy, I used to feel that if God were a person, as I was taught, then by definition, if he was a person, it was impossible for him to be perfect, because perfection is beyond personalities.


What is personality? It is something endowed upon you, within the human flesh. It exists only within the human species, it is not something that goes forward, except for a very short time.


Les: This is what always used to puzzle me, the apparent contradictions.


There are so many contradictions—I have spoken upon this, even from those in our world, who come, who give you advice. So often we hear, ‘Why does one contradict another?’ Already I have told you it depends on their spiritual attainments. They do not lie, they cannot lie to you, but they cannot give you truth and knowledge of which they do not have some sense, you understand?


Les: Quite, it’s quite impossible for them to do so.


Can you expect a child to give you information on details of an adult’s life? It would be impossible. So, you have the comparison between those you call guides, those you call spiritual teachers—there are so many differences between them. So do not be 3 discouraged, accept what each has to tell you and do as I have told you before, accept only which you feel you should.


Les: We look forward to it, we are already learning a tremendous amount. I would like to add one further question if I may, to what you’ve told us: On the acceptance of that Intelligent Force, am I right in thinking that it is an intelligence, which is far beyond our comprehension, that ours is merely a limited term, for something that is unlimited?


I cannot my son, give you a word. You would not understand even if I could begin to explain, which I cannot.


Les: No, that’s a good enough answer, thank you. I knew it was a very difficult question, but I felt that I had to ask it and for all my colleagues here also.


My knowledge does not extend to explanation of that all-powerful force.


Les: But it is perfectly permissible for us to think of it as an intelligent energy?


Yes, it has to be. It would not make sense would it, if there was not intelligence behind all of Creation.


Les: Quite, so if we think of it as an intelligent energy, rather than a figure of man, it’s another step in the right direction?


Can I add one thing? Les: Please. Please do not try to think of the intelligent energy as something separate from yourselves. You are part of it, you are the very being of that intelligent force. So I say seek not something separate, but to become part of it.


Les: Well you have confirmed what was said to us at another meeting, last Wednesday, when I was asked if I had a question and I posed a difficult one I know. I asked if I could be given the recipe for eternal happiness, which I knew was an impossible question, but I was told that we should first look within ourselves and this is precisely what you have been saying, in another way.


Yes, let me add to that a little further: You will never find eternal happiness, whilst you are in these human frames. You will not find eternal happiness, even when these overcoats are left behind. There is much we have to learn. Our paths are long, sometimes tedious some would say, sometimes with unhappiness—remember there are many pathways, even once you have left the human form behind. We are speaking of aeons of time here. So if you want eternal happiness, seek that intelligent force, as part of your own being. Let it come from within, you understand?


Les: I do yes, thank you for confirming it.


You can never be completely happy, whilst on this Earth plane. How can you be? You are here to learn. You have to have the negative and the positive energies to go forward. Call that happiness and unhappiness, if you will, I see it in a different form, but you need both to go forward to grow, to grow spiritually. So if you seek happiness, accept all that comes to you within your daily lives, thank God, or the Great Intelligent Force, as we call it this time—thank him for all that you have to endure. I know sometimes this too is difficult for you. Why must there be sadness, unhappiness, grief, why is there so much wrongdoing? But again we have spoken on these matters and I say to you, accept all that comes to you and you will be on the way to happiness.


Les: Quite. I suppose one’s conception of ultimate and eternal happiness can only be when we merge completely and finally, on an incomprehensible time-scale, with that Great Intelligence?


My dear friends, the time will come, but again we are speaking aeons of time, when the self, the ego, the individuality ceases to exist. Then you become part of that perfect whole.


Les: Quite, and that’s an awful long time away—


I have to say, yes.


Les: Well at least we can take some of the right steps on the way, particularly with the help that you are giving us.


Within this lifetime, one reason why I have come to you, is to reassure you, that this time, your footsteps will walk straight and true.


Les: Good, that’s very encouraging and comforting, thank you.


If I bring love, happiness, truth to just one of you within these walls, then truly I have succeeded in my task.


An inspiring teaching giving much information!  The section on seeking to become part of the creative intelligence rather than separate from is was particularly interesting.  The is much more in Topic 28 The Great Creator under that heading in the Salumet topic list. 


Hope to see you again tomorrow.  Love and light.  Graham

A little on how to meditate

14th April 2021


As I said yesterday, many people meditate without even realising that they are.  There are generally no real hard and fast rules, and it is recognised meditation is a very personal journey.  However, for beginners, there are a few guidelines that you should put in place.  Asking for protection at the beginning and closing down at the end are important to all practitioners, but the rest is up to you.  I’ll explain about these in a minute.


So how do I meditate?


1.      You can meditate whenever you like, but there are advantages to meditating at the same time each day.  Some prefer the morning when they are fresh.  Others prefer before going to bed to help with sleeping and sleep state, or a time when the house is quieter.  Find your own time and try to make your meditation a daily practise to maximise benefit. Others enjoy meditating several times a day. 

2.      Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.  This is important.  I have found from experience of living in a family home, sometimes it is actually easier to get out of the house altogether and drive down to a carpark looking out over the sea!  When you know you will not have somebody bursting in on you, you will be able to relax more.  I find noises distracting, especially in the early stages of going within, so a place in nature is ideal.

3.      Try to sit upright.  Slouching or laying down is not as good.  This can be achieved on a chair.  Some prefer a sofa, others a stool where they can position themselves in an upright pose.  Again, this is very personal.  In older age, we are not all flexible enough to get into the lotus position.  In fact, I never was!  One of the most advanced practitioners I know seems perfectly happy on a single sofa whilst maintaining an upright position.  It is important to feel comfortable and not stressed in any way.

4.      Asking for protection, especially as you become more experienced and go deeper, is essential, as you do not want to a mischievous influence entering your meditation!  Asking for protection can be done in many ways.  Some like to imagine surrounding themselves with a ring of white light.  I personally find imagining quite hard, and so I just ask for protection in my thoughts.  You could do this verbally too.  It is as simple as that.  I will explain in a later teaching that our unseen friends cannot intervene without your permission and that is why you must ask.  Asking in any form is fine.  They will do the rest for you. 

5.      Once free of noises and interruption, and whilst sat in an upright position, the work now begins to quieten your mind.  This is when I would ask for protection and state that my meditation is for ‘divine purposes only’.  Once you have done this, you know that you will be totally safe and happier about quietening the mind.  There are many, many tricks that practitioners use to achieve this.  Beginners find focussing on their breathing to be very helpful.  One, breathe in, breathe out, two, breathe in, breathe out, three breath in, then out etc.  Some count up to ten or twenty breaths whilst concentrating on avoiding extraneous thoughts.  Others like to focus on a candle flame, or recordings of birdsong, the sea, or Gregorian chant.  Others repeat a mantra.  If a thought does creep in, then gently let it go and start again.  After a while, your mind will begin to settle, even by just a little.  Once you feel that your mind has settled, try to let go and imagine yourself simply going into a place that is free of all thought and earthly stimulus.  Once achieved, you will want to come back to this place!  Quietening the mind is actually the hardest part of learning the art of meditation.  Many are still working on this for many years.  However, with practise, you will improve, and the benefits will grow.  Advanced practitioners will no longer need to use any of the tricks mentioned above as they can go straight in.  It just takes practise as with all things. 

6.      Once you mind has settled, try to hold onto that inner silence as long as you had planned.  Deeper meditation is timeless and quite long periods of time can pass without you really being aware!    The same happens in sleep state when we are dreaming. 

7.      Salumet has described three levels of meditation in which quietening the mind is only stage one, but the hardest! I will discuss the others in a later teaching.

8.      After a while you will want to return to planet Earth.  This should be a gentle process as you gradually become aware of your surroundings again.  Before declaring your meditation over, it is important to spend a few minutes ‘grounding’ yourself.  The best way is to imagine your feet simply taking root into the ground.  This grounding process helps reconnect you to the Earth and closes you down properly.  You do not want to be ‘open’ once your meditation has finished.  Again, with practise, all these aspects to your meditation will get easier and more natural. 

9.      Sometimes, we like to spend a little time ‘debriefing’ our experience and consider what may have come out of our meditation.  This may not always be obvious, but at a later time, you may suddenly know what to do when before you didn’t!  Many have stated that their health, their effectiveness, their relationships, their problem solving, their work, their creativity, their sleep, their dreaming, their happiness and much else have all improved in ways they cannot explain.  Perhaps when you consider that those unseen friends of far greater spirituality have just been given the chance to come closer to you, then perhaps you should not be surprised! 


If you’ve never tried it before, please have a go at meditation.  The benefits are immense and probably way beyond our understanding whilst we remain in earthly living.  Once we return to our true home, we will have far greater appreciation of the benefits and what our meditations did for us.  Interestingly, when we do eventually return home, we don’t need to meditate anymore as we are already totally tuned in!  This was confirmed by Salumet in a more recent teaching. 


Please come back tomorrow for more Salumet website offerings.    

The benefits of meditation

13th April 2021


Many in the west believe meditation to be some strange mystical procedure that is practised by people who have dedicated their life something that they will never understand or feel motivated to explore.  Some have even suggested that it is even dangerous and carries unsavoury connotations. The truth is meditation is a completely natural thing to do and has been practised by billions to great benefit throughout all time.  Meditation is encouraged by many religions and practised by others who do not feel religious at all.  Many meditate without realising that even they are.  An old lady next door called it her twilight.  Sometimes she spent hours in her ‘twilight’ which helped her to stay sane through terminal illness.  But what is meditation?


In very simple words, meditation is when we deliberately quieten our minds and remove the endless chatter that goes on in our brains.  In so doing, we are allowing our minds to be free of earthly day to day noise which in itself can feel very relaxing, even liberating.  However, the benefits of meditation go far beyond relaxation - wonderful though that is.  When we quieten our minds, we are opening ourselves to our higher self, our very own guardian angel, to our spirit guides and to those in the angelic realms who love us and want to help us.  Simple solutions to complex problems can be just one benefit.  One of my favourite things to do is to simply sit with a group of others in a circle or a room, and to allow our minds to ‘go within’. By going within, we are able to access knowledge, inspiration, comfort and the feeling of love.  Meditation is a very personal journey, and we all experience different things.  However, in meditation, many have noticed that we lose any sense of time, just as we do in our dream state.  To me that indicates we are then no longer quite on this planet!  Wow!


Salumet has spoken many times about meditation and has strongly urged us to practise daily.  When some have complained that we do not always have the time, his reply has always been the same, ‘Make the time!’  Meditation seems to create time, because we start making better decisions and our lives seem to transform into a less arduous path.  So that explains ‘creating’ time.  Less going round and round in circles.  Of course, meditation does not totally remove challenge as we are here to learn.  But the pathway does feel much straighter when we find this precious time. 


Salumet introduces meditation to the group as essential if we want to develop our spiritual gifts. Lesley Bone, the group chair, raises this very topic a few months after Salumet started his teachings:


Les: And to achieve that awareness, we come back to your previous suggestion, that we all make the effort to devote a little time each day to meditation.


I don't think I need to even put that into words. It should be part of your lives. How else can you reach that which is DIVINE, if you are not prepared to give the time to it? It will not come to you. Nothing is easy. You must work and strive for that which is so good. I do not say the pathway of anyone is easy. You can only strive and achieve what is good, ultimately, by hardship and by dedication. Les: Yes, that's true. As we say, nothing worth having is come by easily. If it is, it is not fully appreciated. Jackie: No, but you can work hard, and you can be so dedicated, but at the end of the day, it's really left to your children. Then they work hard, and it's left to their children, isn't it? You are speaking of material things. Yes, of course you can work hard in that sense. I am speaking on a spiritual level. To achieve that spiritual growth, you must devote your time as we have said. Time in quietness, in stillness, in 'meditation,' as that is the word you tend to use—reserve that quiet time each day. It matters not when it is but allow yourselves that quiet time—offer yourselves to that greater consciousness and you will be surprised how quiet, how tranquil and how peaceful your lives can become. I do not speak those words lightly, but it is something that you all can achieve, but it must be worked for. It will not come to you over night, it is an ongoing process.


Les: And if we attempt to do that and succeed in doing that, I think I'm right in saying that it makes your ‘control,' of us, in such instances as this tonight, much easier?


Of course, because what happens is, your own vibrations are raised. And as you probably know, 'we,' of us who come to you, need to lower ours to a very great degree. That is why sometimes, it is rather uncomfortable for some who come, especially if it is a new experience for them. So, of course, if your vibration is raised, it makes it so much simpler for us to 'blend' with you. But that should not be the reason why you sit in quietness—it should be to blend with that higher consciousness, that all of you can attain—all of you can develop, and all of you should do. After all, it is the reason why you are here on this Earth. It is not to see what you can gain materially, what interaction you have with other people, although that is important, but it is to raise that vibration ever onwards to a higher plane. That is the true reason for your lives here. (31/10/94)


Tomorrow, I will go into a few technicalities on how to meditate, which we should always observe. Graham

Sometimes a single sentence or moment of connection can change the direction of a life

12th April 2021


We can probably all look back on our lives and see a key moment when we made a decision that changed everything.  We have been told there are no accidents, no chance meetings.  The direction we travel may not always be comfortable, but it is often very useful for our spiritual growth. 


I remember a time in my life when I couldn’t make a decision concerning allowing another to have something.  I then read a brief teaching from a self-help guru who said something along the lines that if somebody really, really wants something, and it’s not going to harm you or anybody else, then let them have it.  Forget the rights and wrongs, just let them have it!  They will then have to accept the responsibility which comes with it.  In that way, you have bought yourself some freedom from a spiral of conflict and given the other a wonderful learning opportunity.  That was an example of a few sentences changing my mind.  I graciously had my way out!


Sometimes when two are arguing over the possession of something, it’s a little akin to two fleas fighting over a dog.  There is generally plenty of dog (…in this instance!) to go around anyway.


Sometimes we see ‘prompts’ that help confirm a decision.  I once remember showing somebody how to open a lock gate at the Kennet and Avon Canal in Devizes.  Whilst leaning on the gate, it suddenly occurred to me that actually moving this giant wooden structure took very little effort.  I was amazed at the smooth action.  These gates are huge and weigh many tons.  Why was that?  Further reflection gave the answer: because all was in balance.  The nineteenth century canal engineers had designed the gate so that even the most diminutive person could gently lean on the heavy wooden lever to slow, but great effect.  When we are on the on the right pathway, all seems to fall into place.  But when we feel that we are pushing a giant blancmange up a hill, then perhaps it is time for more reflection!


Having said that though, real achievement only comes from hard work through much time.  We are often quick to give up.  The rewards may not even be there until we have arrived at our destination and only then can we see why we put ourselves through it.  Even so, before embarking on major projects, it is important not to be harming another or robbing our family of our time for instance.  Again, all has to be in balance.


We are all given prompts during our life.  Our spirit guides often create coincidences that help us in some way.  In fact, the angels use ‘coincidence’ as one of their main methods of communicating with us; of getting our attention!  How awe inspiring is that?  But we have to be alert for these prompts and see them for what they are. 


Our busy, busy lives often allow very little reflecting time and that is one reason why it is so important that we give ourselves a ‘little down’ time each day.  It is through ‘down time’ that we open ourselves up to spiritual inspiration and connection.  That is why many sing the benefits of deliberate down time in the form of meditation.  A better term might be ‘up time’ when our minds are raised and more open to spiritual connection and inspiration.  Salumet has described daily meditation as ‘spiritual nourishment’ that we all would hugely benefit from. 


Tomorrow, I will discuss a little about the benefits of meditation and how to go about it. 


So, if love is the most powerful force there is, what is evil?

11th April 2021


We all talk about the ‘evils’ of our world from time to time.  There is much that is happening today, that should not be.  Atrocities are being carried out under the banner of various causes, leading to widespread suffering and misery, especially amongst the innocent.  But as with many things, our understanding on these matters is very limited.  Quite early on in the teachings, Lesley Bone was able to discuss the concept of ‘evil’ with Salumet.


In summary, Salumet informs us that we humans tend to try and separate love and evil as two completely opposing energies that have somehow been created by God.  As we were to quickly discover, this is not the case.  Evil is the same energy as love but has been ‘malformed’.  It is an aberration of love. Here is a wonderful clip which focusses on the cause of this confusion. Ref 'Love' Page 4 (20/5/96)


Les: There is something which has puzzled me for a long time. We accept that the Great Creator created the Universe, not only this one but others, but we’ll deal with this one—created the Universe with Love and for Love and that Love exists throughout it. We’ve also been told that for every force, there is an opposite counter force. Now if the Great Creator was responsible for the Universe, then he also—I say ‘he’ but I know it’s just energy, it’s a convenience term that’s all—‘he’ must have been responsible also for the counter force of ‘evil,’ and that seems paradoxical, that he should create love and evil, unless the creation of evil, which must be so as a counter force to the force of love, was designed to test our free will, within the parameters of evil. Now, would the Creator have been responsible for evil, or is evil a function of man’s attitude to life?

Yes, my dear friend, I understand your question and we come again to explanations of your understanding. Let me say this to you: Love and evil are human terms. Of course, the Creative Power, is responsible for all things, this world and many throughout the cosmos. When you speak of Love and evil as two separate things, in fact you are quite wrong in that assumption, because you see, Love and evil, are of the ONE energy. Again, we come to this question of energies, upon which we will speak in deeper context of it, at a later stage. I know it is difficult for you to fully understand the meaning of energy, but let me continue: What is Love, if it is not Creation itself? What is evil? You would term evil to be the opposite of love.

Les: Yes, that’s right, we do.

It is in fact an aberration of what you term Love. Are you following me so far? Les: Yes, everybody following? (general agreement) I will stop if you so desire me to do so.

Les: No please go on, we all understand so far.

Good. When you speak of Love, you are humanising the Creative Force, the Creative Energy, which is ALL of existence. When you speak of evil, you are trying to make the opposite of love. In the same way you do despair against happiness, fear against trust, so many things, you follow?

Les: Yes, we apply human terms to the intangibles and the indefinable.

Yes, exactly and it is in a way, mistaken identity, to give to these energies. But it is something you need to try to explain to yourselves.

Les: Yes, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s queried this in the past.

I fully understand and accept your query, but you must try to understand, that it is one form of the Creative Energy.

Les: And we have merely named it, to suit our convenience, or inconvenience, in that case.

And for your own downfalls. All should be created with Love, it is you humanoids who have changed. It is your own fears, your own anger, your own greed, which has created this ‘evil,’ as you call it.

Les: Yes I couldn’t imagine that the Creator (No!) would in fact have developed such a source of energy, as we imagine evil to be, as we know evil to be.

Evil is a creation of mankind.

Les: I thought it must be, thank you for that.

I find it difficult to put the words into your human language, but it is in fact Love, which has been malformed, if you like, by you peoples upon the Earth plane.


So when love is corrupted, malformed, distorted by fear, anger, rage, greed we have what we call ‘evil’.  It is a manmade construct that should not be. 


When we look at the warzones around the world, whether is it country against country, government against it’s own people, tribe against tribe, conflict in the workplace, family against family, troubles within families, we see the same root causes.  We must learn to recognise the negative emotions such a fear, anger, greed in all its forms such as lust for power and control.  When we experience these emotions, we should look to ourselves and try to see the cause.  In other teachings, Salumet highlights the point that all decisions are based on one of two things: love or fear!  If we could all base of decisions on love rather than fear, then the world would be transformed.  Many souls still have much to learn.

An interesting thought might go like this: A totally evil person would have to base every decision in their entire life on fear and that could never happen.  We are all a mixture in this respect.  No exceptions. So for this reason, there is no totally evil person or will there ever be one!! And there is no Satan either but that is for another teaching. 

Just a finishing point, Salumet stated in a later teaching, that if he could delete one work from the English language, it would be the word 'Evil', because in using the word Evil, we are judging, which we cannot do.  We can condemn behaviour such as wanton cruelty, but not the person who perpetrates the behaviour. We lack the knowledge and wisdom to condemn a person as evil.  It also creates a spiral of negativity that does not help. 

I will discuss the power of thought in a later daily offering. 


Hope to see you tomorrow.....Graham

The most powerful force there is: Love

10th April 2021


Much is spoken about the word love.  Many songs, books, films and magazines all focus on the idea of love, but it is actually a very poorly understood concept.  What most people mean when discussing love is relationships that are often guided by strong emotions.  The result can be unhealthy when out of balance as expressed by infatuations, crushes, obsessions and all-consuming passion.  At its worst, when out of balance, love can become possessive, controlling and even violent.  Of course, great love can exist between couples when they show mutual respect, tolerance of each other’s minds and patient kindness.  Others recognise pure love between a mother and a child.  This is perhaps closer again to the true meaning of love as it is unconditional.  Unconditional love is pure, totally patient, tolerant and an effortless state of permanence.  It is a state without emotion.  Through discussion Salumet has given many wonderful teachings on love.


Love is the most important thing, not only on your Earth, but in everything. You speak of 'God,' who or what is God, if it is not the universal power of Love? Love is indeed the most powerful thing that anyone can possess. It is that element of spirit that shines forth from each and every one of you, to varying degrees. Love, Love is what you are about.


Salumet speaks on how to love our brother.


I would like to speak a few words upon the love for your brothers. What do we mean by love? So often the word is used without the true meaning being searched for. I say to you, what is love? Do we speak of the all-consuming passion for each other? I think not; that is not what we try to teach you. So, what is this thing called love? It is being shown to you at this very moment in time. It is a tolerance, a great tolerance of other people’s minds, of their words, of their conditions. It is non-judgemental, that is what we mean when we speak of love for your brother man.


A visitor to the group shares a wonderful description of love which helps to understand the true concept and the difficult path needed to achieve it.  It perhaps sheds light on the purpose of suffering that is happening across our planet at this time, and such experiences can ultimately be very fruitful for our spiritual journey.


I have waited many years for this opportunity to speak with you all in your tongue. I have walked with you also for many, many of your physical years, guiding each, guarding each, until all are together again. You have been told that all have been here before. You were not told that time would come for you all to sit together once more, because of the great love in true sense, which for short time is upon this Earth, I am able to be with you, otherwise not possible. I wish you to dwell on my colleague’s description of love. You do not know what love is, or can do, until it is part of your very being—a spiritual awareness that far outweighs any physical comprehension. You use the word in a sincere way, but without really being aware of all implications. The word has been brought down to a low level of regard. When you speak of love in a physical sense, it is fiction, it is attraction, it is passion, but it is not love. I ask you now to consider reason for all true love vibrations, which rise from your Earth at this particular time. Why is it so? Has it occurred to you that love which produces such wonderful energy beyond compare, is brought about by suffering, by loss, by agony, by anxiety, by traumas which you cannot imagine, if you have not yourself suffered such things. Think on that my friends, think on that. Love in the true sense, does not arise from well-being, from happiness, from freedom from want, from good health, from satisfaction of material needs, but from all things contrary to what you would consider to be the basics of love, do you understand me? (Affirmed) It is important for your development, that from this time, you think of how ‘True love’ begins, how it is nurtured, how it can relive in others. Do you understand this? (Some uncertainty expressed) Love is not easily attained, nor can it easily be given, it must be born from the lowest things, in order to become the GREATEST thing. If it were born from happiness, from ease of mind, from ease of heart, then its structure would be that much less. A diamond in your physical Earth, is formed from incalculable heat and pressure. It does not become a diamond in any other way and as that diamond is treasured and can give happiness in various ways, so can love born from adversity, become its own scintillating diamond for all mankind, do you understand? (Affirmed) Now, I say to you my long-time friends, think on what I have said. It is not easy to give True Love—‘TRUE LOVE’. It is easy to give what you now consider to be love, but we require of you all a greater understanding of real love, a greater desire to achieve that giving of perfect love, so that we can assist you in your forward path, is this clear? (Whispered agreement) Are you prepared to continue in your endeavours to achieve this?


That is good; then my years unseen by you, unaware by you, have not been wasted, I am pleased to know. And to our visitor here tonight, I say that you too will become aware of true love in the years to come. We shall now take you under our wing. You have learned enough since this person has taught, to understand that it can be done, is this clear?

Madeleine: Yes it is


There is much more to be shared on the subject of love.



Daily Offerings from the Salumet Website

9th April 2021


From today, I wish to share Daily Offerings from the website.  This enormous font of truth, which is so deep and inspiring, needs to enter our daily living to get the most from Salumet’s words.  We must remember that Salumet’s words are from deep source specifically for this particular stage of mankind’s evolution.  We know that his words are not from other human beings, as none of us are what deep spirit would describe as truly wise.  That takes eons of time to achieve, but we all must rejoice in the fact that one day we will all get thereAll of us!! There is so much for us to look forward to into the future.  The more positive, loving and truth seeking we can be, the more we will be projected forward. 


To help us on the way, topical offerings will be placed here.  Where appropriate, references will be made to Salumet’s words so you can read more for yourself.  Over the coming months I hope to cover a wide range of topics in topical context.  The world stage and media coverage gives us access to almost unlimited data like never before.  This is in many ways advantageous but can also be overwhelming.  None of us are truly rational when it comes to knowledge of current affairs for instance.  If we were, we wouldn’t need to be here!  We can easily get caught up in the emotions of unfolding dramas, where judgements from limited knowledge and wisdom concerning world leadership for instance, can send us into a spin.  Our poor bruised minds can be sent from pillar to post in a state of utter confusion.  We all need anchors on which to build our truth.  We hope that the words of Salumet, and other masters, who are gathered in numbers at this time, can help mankind towards a calmer, saner more tolerant world, a world without judgement, a world where we are able to permanently and naturally extend unconditional love. 


Please come back tomorrow for more offerings!  Graham

Music by Sara Jo Martin

The brilliant pianist and composer Sara Jo Martin wishes to share some of her compositions via YouTube using the links below.  Her music is especially delightful to listen to whilst relaxed in those quiet meditative moments because she believes it is all channelled directly from source.  Please listen to and enjoy! Out of interest, you can also listen to two whole albums by Sara on Spotify.  She is also planning to release many more compositions later this year, again through Spotify.


Interesting days ahead!


9th January 2021

Dear All,

I wish you a happy New Year: A year when your highest dreams come to fruition!  


With so much happening at the moment, it would be easy to allow negative thoughts to creep in.  We must not, as every change and event, ultimately leads us closer to the light.  As has been said before, this is a learning planet where mistakes at all levels provide opportunities for learning at all levels.  We can learn not only from our own mistakes, but also from those of others.  I believe that 2021 will be a year of recovery and positivity.  As the vaccines are rolled out across the planet, this will lower the R number to below 1.  Some of the new variants are more infectious, as has become very evident here in the UK, but these setbacks are teaching people to be more mindful of themselves and towards others.  We are a giant human family and we must look out for each other.  When we see people flouting the rules, we are in our rights to gently remind them that there is a better course of behaviour.  

There is much talk at the moment about various conspiracy theories over a wide range of issues such as vaccines messing up our DNA, or there not even being a pandemic!  There is a pandemic! - and we are in the middle of one at the moment!  However, it is hard to know what source of information to trust, which is why it is so important to go within and listen to that inner voice.  Out of interest, Salumet has mentioned that there are many important discoveries being made in medical science over recent years.  This is very encouraging as Salumet would have known that this pandemic was coming and that this message would not have been given if he could have seen any serious harm coming from vaccines.  Again though, listen to that inner voice and make the decision that is right for you. Our bodies are all different and some may be more sensitive.  

The politics of the world is very certainly thought  provoking at the moment.   This is good as it promotes discussion which of course must always be respectful.  We all have a voice and should speak when we feel moved to do so.  We have witnessed violent protests which are not good because the outcome is likely to be the opposite to what we wish.  Non-violent protests may well be needed when a situation is obviously wrong to help raise awareness and to give the downtrodden a voice. Dignified marches or petitions will not create fear, and are more likely to be listened to, especially by those who are in positions of influence. The word 'revolution' can have connotations of civil unrest, but the word revolution can and should be very gentle, such as a  'revolution of compassion' as has been written about by the Dalai Lama in a book recently published specifically for the younger readers.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm in my sixties!


Seeing ourselves in the shoes of others is great way to help promote understanding.  We cannot judge another, and this includes world leaders, as we do not know why another has incarnated, or what they are here to do.  It may be that a leader has incarnated to play devil's advocate, and so demonstrate the consequences of what we don't want!  So somebody who we may consider to be a bad leader may ultimately be our greatest teacher! There is always learning in all situations, even by those who have led dark lives.  No life is wasted. However, to avoid making bad choices, we must try to find that quiet time, when we allow ourselves to be influenced by beings of far greater wisdom than ourselves. 

Always try to be positive about all things, even when the path ahead may not be clear.  All is energy, and being positive is a higher vibration of energy that can only help our world.  That is my message at this time!  Enjoy that 'knowing' that there is always a greater meaning and purpose behind all things.  Try to project loving thoughts especially to those who you see to be perpetrators, as they are probably the most in need! We are all surrounded by loving beings who know us and love us far better than we do ourselves! Crazy but true! I remind you again to listen to Sara's beautiful music! 

Heaven on Earth

2nd November 2020


Dear All,


As we are all aware at the moment, there are many changes occurring across the planet.  With Coronavirus still spreading, to natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes, we perhaps need to remember that these events are part of the natural evolution of our planet.  There have always been diseases, earthquakes and storms since the birth of our planet, but their effects can be alleviated by the power of thought and prayer.  Few are aware of the power of our thinking and how strong positive loving thoughts can be. Positive thinking really does bring immense good though influence and alleviation.  We have been reminded by Salumet of the importance of not judging and condemning world leaders for instance, but to send loving thoughts for the highest good instead.  This is important as when we send negative thoughts to a situation, we are actually adding to the negativity of that region.  When we condemn, we are not helping.  It is better to ask for divine influence and let those higher beings weave their magic.  This planet is surrounded by love - that is unconditional!  When we meditate or just allow give ourselves quiet time away from hustle and bustle, it is easier to tap into that divine energy, which uplifts and reassures, that confirms that ultimately all will be well.  This is a learning planet and without challenge through our many lifetimes, how would we grow?  But the journey can be so much easier if we can remain positive and loving in our thinking.

Many ask why is there so much suffering?  Well the answer is we are not meant to suffer!  Sadly, we do, partly through poor fear-based decisions such as greed, or seeking power and control over others, for instance.  Humanity isn’t meant to suffer, but we do make poor decisions and indulge in negative thinking, which ultimately comes back to haunt us.  Heaven on Earth is possible, and we can all do our part in bringing this reality into our lives.  We cannot be perfect whilst living an earthly life, but if we consciously do our best, and remain loving to each other, especially to those who do not love us, the animals, nature, then no more can be asked of us.  There are no truly wise people on the physical earth, as true Divine wisdom belongs to the deeper heavenly realms.  However, we can ask for influence and guidance.  When we do this, we are open to messages through dreams or even coincidences.  There are many ways that influence can come into our lives. No prayer is ignored but quite often what we are given, is not what we expect.  Sometimes, to actually be granted our prayers or wishes, would be the worst possible thing for us!  It comes back to that wisdom thing and knowing what is truly good for us!  Be reassured though - no prayer is ignored! 

We are meant to enjoy our lives and are not meant to suffer.  Apart from being loving in our daily thinking, another great way towards happiness is to help others whenever opportunity arises.  This too brings good things into our lives because of cause and effect.  The Universe cannot be any other way.  What we give out comes back to us.  Love given out will result in love coming back.  It’s very simple and that is perhaps the most important message.  We are about love and this simple message is just that – simple! We overcomplicate everything when the deeper answers are actually so simple.  Heaven on Earth is possible on all levels through our society.  Ourselves, our family, our friends, our region, all of humanity.  We are love and through being love, we open the gateway to Heaven on Earth.  Every action, every thought, every act of kindness, every act of patience, every act of listening, every act of non-judgment, every smile adds to the whole.  People become unhappy when not listened to or feel judged.  However, we all become profoundly happy when we feel loved, valued and listened to.   When we all do this at the same time, then we have Heaven on Earth!


21st July 20

Dear all,

The coronavirus has impacted the Salumet meetings due to social distancing, but there does seem to be optimism in the world of medical science with over 100 vaccine trials currently going on.  It is wonderful to see what can be achieved when countries join forces and share knowledge.  Not all is perfect with accusations of hacking, which in the bigger scheme is less important, but trials that would normally takes years, are now taking just months.  This pandemic will eventually come to an end, but in the meantime, it is worth reflecting on what has happened over the last few months.  The world has slowed down and it needs to!  The skies have been filled with vapour trails for too long.  They are currently rarer and will hopefully give a pause to global warming.  'Staying local' can be just as good as far flung journeys around the world.  We can help our planet in many other ways too.  Salumet has reminded us often about trying to eat less meat, not least out of compassion for the animals.  My wife and I were delighted to have produced nearly 20 kg of potatoes in our small raised bed last week.  If we could avoid eating meat we could feed the world many many times over and still have extra space that could be returned to nature over vast swathes of our planet!  We would only need about 1/50 of the space! Carbon dioxide would be absorbed by the new forests and our world would start to recover.  If we don't change our ways, nature will force it onto us anyway, so why do we wait?  We know all the answers right now and could reclaim our precious planet for the natural world to which we all belong.  All is balance and that word 'balance' is so important in all aspects of our physical and spiritual living.  When we live in balance, our lives are happier.  It is perhaps just worth reflecting on living in balance not just with nature, but also in our daily living, with our families, with friends, with our work situations, with sleep patterns, with all things.  When we are in balance, only good can come to us.  Meditation can help us to make better decisions that keeps us in balance and helps us avoid pitfalls such as being a workaholic or over emphasis on material things.  We live in an age of materialism and the illusion that it makes us happy.  We obviously need some material goods for comfort and survival but not to excess and cluttered houses.  This is where the problems begin such as the pollution created by their production and eventual disposal.  We can all do our bit by thinking about balance and respecting our planet in all the ways that we can.  Small changes now can make huge differences in the future.  Much is cultural mindset and what is and what isn't acceptable needs to be addressed.  The Western World in particular needs to change and lead the way. It can be done and is already happening.  There are posters about which say things like REFUSE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.  Wonderful and our way out of harming our planet any further! For inspiration, it is worth reflecting on the peoples of this world who have learnt to live in balance with nature.  Some say primitive societies, but it is us who are primitive! They never take more than they can give back.  That is living in balance.  

With good wishes and happiness in your lives,


Weekly briefing 28th May 20

Dear all,


Welcome to this almost brand-new website called 'The Teachings of Salumet' although the teachings actually started back in June 1994! We intend to use this space to give latest news re the Teachings or any other features/articles that may be of interest. It is important that a website is a 'living' forum and that readers will be tempted back to catch up on the latest! Members of the Salumet group will be presenting information or analysis of current affairs when viewed from a more spiritual perspective. One eagle eyed viewer noted that ‘Topic 90 Visions’ is missing which is being worked on. Being a brand-new website means that there will be typos and other mistakes for which we apologise. If you find anything whilst surfing, you can contact us through the contact button above right. A file has just been created that contains all the teachings in a single PDF file and will soon available as a free download by clicking a link. The complete teachings of Salumet is nearly 17 MB long so cannot be downloaded directly from this website as there is unfortunately a limit of 15 MB of data.




There is much fear in the world at the moment, but just before lockdown, a question was posed to Salumet about the origins of this pandemic. Salumet states, 'Any unbalance on the planet is caused by abuse of some kind, whether it be animal, human or some outward indications, but yes, it is always imperfect balance that causes all of these interactions within your world.' This is yet another reminder that we need to help redress negativity by being tolerant and loving towards others and situations. When we condemn, we are adding to the negativity of that situation or region. Projection of love towards our world will help to heal the planet of this pandemic. The full question and answer can be found in World Events topic 94 dated 24/2/20.


Stay safe and as positive as you can through these difficult times!

Graham and Sara

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