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The Teachings of Salumet

Salumet is an ascended master from the angelic realms. He brings truth and advice directly from Source to our world during these times of momentous change.  His teachings are deep, inspiring, reassuring and non-judgemental.  All who read will receive knowledge of spiritual love: the greatest force there is. You will also gain meaningful answers to those nagging questions about what life is truly about! Right from the outset, Salumet uses simple language to help avoid confusion. 

21st July 20

Dear all,

The coronavirus has impacted the Salumet meetings due to social distancing, but there does seem to be optimism in the world of medical science with over 100 vaccine trials currently going on.  It is wonderful to see what can be achieved when countries join forces and share knowledge.  Not all is perfect with accusations of hacking, which in the bigger scheme is less important, but trials that would normally takes years, are now taking just months.  This pandemic will eventually come to an end, but in the meantime, it is worth reflecting on what has happened over the last few months.  The world has slowed down and it needs to!  The skies have been filled with vapour trails for too long.  They are currently rarer and will hopefully give a pause to global warming.  'Staying local' can be just as good as far flung journeys around the world.  We can help our planet in many other ways too.  Salumet has reminded us often about trying to eat less meat, not least out of compassion for the animals.  My wife and I were delighted to have produced nearly 20 kg of potatoes in our small raised bed last week.  If we could avoid eating meat we could feed the world many many times over and still have extra space that could be returned to nature over vast swathes of our planet!  We would only need about 1/50 of the space! Carbon dioxide would be absorbed by the new forests and our world would start to recover.  If we don't change our ways, nature will force it onto us anyway, so why do we wait?  We know all the answers right now and could reclaim our precious planet for the natural world to which we all belong.  All is balance and that word 'balance' is so important in all aspects of our physical and spiritual living.  When we live in balance, our lives are happier.  It is perhaps just worth reflecting on living in balance not just with nature, but also in our daily living, with our families, with friends, with our work situations, with sleep patterns, with all things.  When we are in balance, only good can come to us.  Meditation can help us to make better decisions that keeps us in balance and helps us avoid pitfalls such as being a workaholic or over emphasis on material things.  We live in an age of materialism and the illusion that it makes us happy.  We obviously need some material goods for comfort and survival but not to excess and cluttered houses.  This is where the problems begin such as the pollution created by their production and eventual disposal.  We can all do our bit by thinking about balance and respecting our planet in all the ways that we can.  Small changes now can make huge differences in the future.  Much is cultural mindset and what is and what isn't acceptable needs to be addressed.  The Western World in particular needs to change and lead the way. It can be done and is already happening.  There are posters about which say things like REFUSE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.  Wonderful and our way out of harming our planet any further! For inspiration, it is worth reflecting on the peoples of this world who have learnt to live in balance with nature.  Some say primitive societies, but it is us who are primitive! They never take more than they can give back.  That is living in balance.  

With good wishes and happiness in your lives,


Weekly briefing 28th May 20

Dear all,


Welcome to this almost brand-new website called 'The Teachings of Salumet' although the teachings actually started back in June 1994! We intend to use this space to give latest news re the Teachings or any other features/articles that may be of interest. It is important that a website is a 'living' forum and that readers will be tempted back to catch up on the latest! Members of the Salumet group will be presenting information or analysis of current affairs when viewed from a more spiritual perspective. One eagle eyed viewer noted that ‘Topic 90 Visions’ is missing which is being worked on. Being a brand-new website means that there will be typos and other mistakes for which we apologise. If you find anything whilst surfing, you can contact us through the contact button above right. A file has just been created that contains all the teachings in a single PDF file and will soon available as a free download by clicking a link. The complete teachings of Salumet is nearly 17 MB long so cannot be downloaded directly from this website as there is unfortunately a limit of 15 MB of data.




There is much fear in the world at the moment, but just before lockdown, a question was posed to Salumet about the origins of this pandemic. Salumet states, 'Any unbalance on the planet is caused by abuse of some kind, whether it be animal, human or some outward indications, but yes, it is always imperfect balance that causes all of these interactions within your world.' This is yet another reminder that we need to help redress negativity by being tolerant and loving towards others and situations. When we condemn, we are adding to the negativity of that situation or region. Projection of love towards our world will help to heal the planet of this pandemic. The full question and answer can be found in World Events topic 94 dated 24/2/20.


Stay safe and as positive as you can through these difficult times!

Graham and Sara

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